Long Beach City Council

SB50 Opposition Resolution (May 7, 2019)

Agenda Item No. 31: Recommendation to request the City Council to oppose Senate Bill 50 (Weiner), which would preempt local zoning laws to allow higher density housing near “transit-rich” and “jobs-rich” areas, including in single-family neighborhoods, and take a “one-size-fits-all” to addressing land use for housing throughout the entire state.

Agenda Item No. 31 — Details & Attached Material

The Long Beach City Council voted 8-0 to oppose Senate Bill 50, the controversial bill by State Sen. Scott Wiener to override local zoning to fast track high density housing in vast swaths of urban California relatively near mass transit, vaguely defined as “jobs rich”, or meeting other criteria, but with exemptions for some small wealthy coastal cities.

Long Beach residents spoke out against SB50 and called for the Council to denounce it. The Council voted to oppose it as worded, but added a contingency that suggested the Long Beach Council might not oppose it if SB50 was amended to exempt cities with planning processes in place already, like Long Beach, which allow for increased density at least in some areas.