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LBRC Files Suit To Challenge False & Misleading Ballot Text

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Princeton Professor Uses Our Case LBRC v. LA Co. Registrar Dean Logan to Expose Flaws in LA County Voting System

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2022 Local Endorsements

We Have Received A Highly Flawed Decision, Denying our Writ Petition, in the Measure A Recount Trial

More on the Outcome of Our Trial Court Case Against the LA County Registrar

If you would like to participate in a debriefing on this trial court outcome, including the discussion as to whether we should appeal and other options, please join our Measure A Recount Debrief Zoom session on Sept. 1st at 6:00 p.m.  For the link, visit our Zoom page.

Regarding the Fake Text Messages Being Sent Out in the 8th District City Council Runoff Election

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Measure A Recount & Litigation Against LA County

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Measure A Recount Fund

We cannot let Measure A pass by just 16 votes out of nearly 100,000 cast without a recount.  Please donate today!

The 2020 'Reform Ticket'

Let them punch your ticket to a better Long Beach future!

The ‘Long Beach Reform Ticket’ is a concept we created to emphasize the parallel nature of the reform candidacies of our two board members who chose earlier this year to run for office: Juan Ovalle, District 8 city council candidate and co-founder of LBRC member organization People of Long Beach, and Robert Fox, District 2 city council candidate and executive director of LBRC member organization the Council of Neighborhood Organizations (CONO). By their separate campaigns, they each reinforce one another and carry forward the mantle of the local reform movement.

For more on The Reform Ticket, see here.

Pictured above are Juan and Robert just after signing The Reform Pledge on October 16, 2019.  For more on The Reform Pledge, see below.

The Long Beach Reform Pledge

[downloadable PDF version available here]



Op-Ed on The Reform Pledge:  "Opinion: The Long Beach Reform Coalition and its pledge", LBPost.com, Oct. 25, 2019


For everything about The Long Beach Reform Pledge, see here.


Update:  We Won at the Water Board!




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