Public Records

To file a request for public records, go to: City of Long Beach Public Records Center

To find a City contract, go to: City Contracts

City contract bids: PlanetBids

To search City Council agendas or minutes, use the search tool at: Legistar

To find campaign finance and officeholder account filings, go to: CampaignDocs

To view or search the Long Beach City Charter, go to: MuniCode – City Charter

To view or search the Long Beach Municipal Code, go to: MuniCode – Municipal Code

Long Beach elected officials’ Form 700 (Statement of Economic Interests) annual disclosures: Form 700 Filings

Search Long Beach business licenses interactive map at: ArcGIS

Long Beach City Clerk’s page

Long Beach City Clerk’s Candidates & Campaigns page

Long Beach zoning maps: Planning Dept. zoning page

Long Beach Public Works: current projects

LBPD crime stats

Planning Commission Appeals

City salaries & pensions: