Jan. 2, 2024:  LBRC Files Suit to Correct Misleading Ballot Measure Title & Summary

Aug. 23, 2021:  Councilwoman Cindy Allen Business Fraud Court Judgment This Friday

May 2, 2021:  LBRC Calls for State Audit of City of Long Beach

Apr. 20, 2021:  Chief Luna Found 'Guilty' by CPCC—Will the Public Be Told?

Nov. 17, 2020:  FPPC Investigations Opened Into Rogue Independent Expenditures Campaigns

Nov. 2, 2020:  Illegal Independent Expenditures Rampant in District 2 and Other Races

May 11, 2020: LBRC Files Suit Against LA Co. Registrar-Recorder Co. Clerk Dean Logan

Apr. 28, 2020:  LBRC Announces $20k Grant from HJTA for Litigation Against LA County

Apr. 13, 2020:  Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Dean Logan to Be Presented Check Today for One Last Offer of a Legitimate, Legal Recount

Apr. 7, 2020:  Recount of Long Beach Measure A Likely Going to Court; Right of Full Recount Effectively Eliminated by LA County Clerk Dean Logan

Mar. 31, 2020:  Long Beach Reform Coalition Seeks Donations for Measure A Recount

Mar. 4, 2020:  Local Reform Movement Makes History: The Results for LBRC’s Endorsed “Reform Ticket” and Measure A Were Best for Anti-Machine Politics Reformers in Over a Decade

Feb. 26, 2020:  LBRC Reform Ticket Candidates Ovalle and Fox are Joined by Three Other Candidates in Agreeing to Reform Pledge Before the Election

Oct. 28, 2019:  1st District Candidates Gonzales, Ganem, & Black Join ‘Reform Ticket’ Candidates Ovalle and Fox in Signing The Long Beach Reform Pledge

Oct. 22, 2019:  Long Beach Reform Coalition Publicly Unveils The Reform Pledge and Issues Challenge to 1st District City Council Candidates to Sign

Oct. 14, 2019:  Long Beach Reform Coalition to Unveil the ‘Long Beach Reform Ticket’ of Candidates and the Long Beach Reform Pledge, Which They Will Sign

Sept. 23, 2019:  LBRC Calls for State Senator Lena Gonzalez (Long Beach) to Immediately and Fully Explain Her Involvement in Apparent Scheme to Bribe Her Predecessor, Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara, as Outlined in Report by Consumer Watchdog

Aug., 12, 2019:  LBRC Strongly Objects to Curtailment of Full Public Participation at Council Meetings, Set to Go Into Effect (By Means of Anonymous City Memo) This Tuesday

May 22, 2019:  LBRC Submits New FPPC Complaint Re City's Disguised Advocacy Campaign Mailers

May 17, 2019:  Long Beach Reform Coalition Wins Significant Victory in Fight Against Misuse of Taxpayer Dollars for Political Advocacy With Course Reversal by Water Board; Considering Preemptive Legal Action Against City

May 6, 2019:  LBRC Submits Complaint Letters Against City of Long Beach to Enforcement Agencies, Including FBI, State Attorney General, FPPC, & City Prosecutor, as Well as to City and State Auditors

May 1, 2019:  LBRC Demands Investigation of Illegal City Expenditures for Political Advocacy & Campaigning

Feb. 6, 2019:  Former Long Beach Rescue Mission CEO Jim Lewis Available to Press Re His Opposition to North Long Beach New Shelter Location

Feb. 4, 2019:  Long Beach Reform Coalition Calls on City to Release Purported $7.5 million Appraisal of Proposed Homeless Shelter Site for Public Scrutiny

Nov. 7, 2018:  With Measure BBB’s Victory, Voter Deception and Big Money’s Corrupt Influence Win; Yet ‘No’ Campaign Succeeds in Activating Many Thousands of Voters for the Local Reform Movement

Nov. 1, 2018:  City Attorney’s Office Offers Empty Defense of Measure BBB viz-a-viz Clear Conflict with State Law; Video Interview with Election Attorney Dutta

Oct. 31, 2018:  Legal Analysis Proves Measure BBB “Lifetime” Provision Conflicts with State Law; Result: Mayor Garcia and Council Incumbents Free to Serve FIVE Terms, 20 Years in Office

Oct. 17, 2018:  Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell Endorses NO on BBB

Sept. 14, 2018:  LBRC to Host Grassroots NO on BBB Campaign Fundraiser --- “Don’t BBB Fooled!”

Sept. 3, 2018:  Press Conference on City Litigation, Followed By LBRC Town Hall Forum on Term Limits & Measure BBB – Thursday

Aug. 31, 2018:  Long Beach Reform Coalition to Host Townhall on Term Limits, Preceded by Press Conference on City Litigation

Aug. 26, 2018:  New “Long Beach Reform Coalition” Political Action Committee Launches to Unite Civic Reformers, Better Long Beach Government, & Defeat Measure BBB Term Limits Extension